Wednesday, February 17, 2021

How Kevin Gleaton Does Marketing Better


If Kevin C. Gleaton was to list the attributes that contribute most to his successful career as a marketing specialist, he would undoubtedly include his active imagination, his unbounded creativity and his unlimited drive. However, most of his clients would also note his impressive written and verbal communications skills, as well as his leadership ability, which is even estimable in an industry like marketing, which is full of uncertainty due to the constant change that occurs. They would also point to his enormous problem-solving skills and his ability to lead teams of client employees across numerous locations. Few would ever argue that he doesn’t understand internet and social media, as well as the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) as a focal point of any digital marketing strategy.

More than anything else, Kevin C. Gleaton appreciates working in an environment that values integrity and trust because it's easier to successfully challenge a client's preconceptions and misunderstandings and to do so respectfully. He believes he does his clients a disservice to simply agree with everyone involved just to be polite. It is necessary in virtually every situation to be able to consider every possible perspective, at least according to Kevin Gleaton. And given his record, he should know.

As a marketing specialist, Kevin Gleaton also believes it is important to master both market and social research because those skills serve as the key to any digital marketing success. In order to be successful, Kevin Gleaton knows it is necessary to be able to analyze and evaluate the market and the audience and it is also necessary to monitor them, to be able to track and account for changes in either. There is no tool more powerful to a successful marketer than knowledge, including knowledge of every aspect of a marketing project. Kevin Gleaton understands that the ability to differentiate between actual cultural trends and mere "fads" or "fashion" is an essential skill for any marketing specialist, and he relies on that for his success.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Kevin Gleaton shares a marketer’s opinion


The need for communication strategies in business is growing consistently. Brands often go blindly into marketing or publicizing themselves, then only contact a professional communicator after they fail. Rather, they should begin with marketing and build an audience with an experienced staffer behind them.

Professional marketer Kevin Gleaton believes that market and social research skills are the backbone of a marketer’s platform and, thus, the backbone of a good business. From analytical skills to monitoring cultural trends, keeping a finger on the pulse of what is happening leads directly into early tactics for brand and creative development. A good strategist like Gleaton can identify what’s culturally relevant, what isn’t and why those two things matter.

Kevin C. Gleaton also believes that knowledge is true power in communication. Mining insights and peering into the smallest of areas without losing the big picture is vital in order to help transform a business and its messaging. This is one reason that marketing automation is so important and a large part of what Gleaton accomplishes for his clients. Also within Gleaton’s strategies are brand marketing endeavors, digital marketing, public relations, coaching and social media. All of these together can allow a business to thrive; they just have to be implemented early and consistently utilized by clients.

Friday, August 21, 2020

Over Nearly Two Decades, Kevin Gleaton Has Been a Good Marketer

Kevin C. Gleaton
 The digital marketing sector is an essential aspect of every business, and it is evolving daily. That is why most marketers like Kevin Gleaton are always refocusing their strategies to improve their clients' bottom line. Kevin works hard to make sure his clients are constantly being found by users. He uses a mix of media to get good results. In addition to search engines, he knows well there has to be a lot more. However, even the concept of search engine visibility is constantly changing, and requires a close relationship among many elements of a client's business, including public relations and social media, all of which requires the production of high-quality content. As a professional marketer who has spent 18 years in a fast paced industry, these requirement have become somewhat normal, as it were.

Most would agree that Kevin C. Gleaton has always become an asset with just about every client, but especially to those organizations who want to push technology boundaries using automation or breathe new life into existing products in a way that re-energizes the overall brand. As a manager, I thrive in a nimble organization that encourages others to get excited about change and inspires them to generate new ideas that improve existing products or create the impetus for new ones.

In that rare instance when he has time outside of work, Kevin Gleaton likes to enjoy experiences that push he personal limitations. What that means is, he likes to travel to remote locations, where he likes to meet and engage a diverse variety of people and experience many diverse cultures. He also like t engage in extreme sports, especially those that require a fearless spirit and a distinct adrenaline rush in order to participate.

How Kevin Gleaton Does Marketing Better

  If Kevin C. Gleaton was to list the attributes that contribute most to his successful career as a marketing specialist, he would undoubte...